Yosukr Sugino in "Barakamon" (C) Fuji Television Network (Nikkan Sports News.)

Yosuke Sugino "Barakamon" Episode 4 5.0% Seishu is in a slump and receives a request from Miwa's father whom he met at the port.

 This will be Sugino's first starring role in a prime-time (7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.) drama series. This drama is set on the Goto Islands, which are said to have the most beautiful sea in Japan. Seishu Handa (Yosuke Sugino), a city-bred young calligrapher who has lived a solitary life supported only by his calligraphy, grows as a calligrapher and as a person through his interactions with Kotoshi Naru (Ririsa Miyazaki) and other islanders he meets on the Goto Islands in this heartfelt "island The film is a heartwarming "island" comedy. Barakamon" means "energetic person" in the dialect of the Goto Islands. The cast also includes Minami Tanaka, Keinaga Tsuna, Hana Toyoshima, Hana Kondo, Kaori Yamaguchi, and Kazuki Zun Iio.

 Based on the comic of the same title serialized in "Gungan ONLINE" and monthly "Shonen Gungan" (Square Enix) from 2008 to 2018. In addition to the 18-volume long serialization, a spin-off manga ("Solder-kun" in 7 volumes) was also published, and the series has sold more than 10 million copies. 2014 saw an anime adaptation, and in 2016 the spin-off manga was also adapted into an anime, and now the popular work is getting a full-fledged drama adaptation.

One morning, Seishu wakes up to find Miwa Yamamura (Hana Toyoshima) and Tamako Arai (Hana Kondo) sleeping with him on either side. And at her feet was Naru. Seishu jumped up in surprise and asked why they could come into the house even if it was locked. Miwa then took out a duplicate key, without looking offended. In fact, Miwa had made five duplicate keys on her own and shared them with everyone, including Hiroshi Kido (Keinaga Tsuna). Moreover, one of the duplicate keys had been lost somewhere. Seishu is stunned.

 Miwa and Tamako, not caring about him, ask him to teach them calligraphy for their summer homework. Kiyoshu declares, "If I teach you, I'll make sure you win a prize! and immediately begins to teach with fervor. Then, Seishu receives a phone call from his manager, Takao Kawato (Akiyoshi Nakao). Miwa and her friends overheard Seishu saying, "I'll go back to Tokyo then.

 Miwa's father Iwao (Kai Shishido), whom Seishu met at the port, asks him to write the name of a second-hand boat he bought as a hobby on its hull. The boat's registered name is "Yudokudoson Maru. Under completely different conditions, with a brush instead of a brush, paint instead of sumi ink, and a hull instead of paper, Seishu takes on the challenge under the pressure of not being allowed to make any mistakes.

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