Yen Exchange Rate in the mid-125 Yen per Dollar

The Tokyo foreign exchange market on the 13th continues to trade at the mid 125 Yen level per dollar due to the perception that the inflation rate in the United States did not greatly exceed expectations.

In the New York foreign exchange market, the yen depreciation did not progress further due to the perception that the rate of increase in the US consumer price index announced on the 12th did not greatly exceed expectations, and 1 dollar = 125 Yen level The transaction centered on the first half.

In response to this, the Tokyo market on the 13th has started to sell yen and buy dollars, and the transaction is at the middle of 125 yen per dollar.

Market officials said, “WTI futures, which is an international indicator of crude oil prices, have risen to over $ 100 again due to concerns that supply and demand for crude oil will be tight due to economic sanctions on Russia. Concerns and widening interest rate differentials between Japan and the United States continue to make it easier for the yen to sell by buying dollars with higher yields.”