World No Tobacco Day Approximately 40% of People Know That Smoking Cessation is a High Risk at a Young Age

The 31st May is “World No Tobacco Day” set by WHO (World Health Organization). Only about 40% of people know that if they start smoking at a young age, they are increased the risk of getting sick, according to a survey by the National Cancer Center.

In April, the National Cancer Center conducted an online questionnaire survey of smokers and non-smokers aged 20 and over, and 2040 people aged 18 and 19 on the health risks of tobacco.

When asked in multiple answers about the health effects of starting smoking early,

Ø  “The risk of getting sick is high” was 42.9%

Ø  “Increased dependence on nicotine” was 40.7%

Ø  “The risk of dying early” was 29.5%

The challenge is to get people to know about the negative effects on health.

Also, most people at the ages of 18 and 19 knew that smoking was banned under the age of 20, while the adult age was reduced to 18 from this year, but only 68.6% know about it.

Kimiyasu Hirano, director of the Tobacco Policy Information Office of the National Cancer Center, said, “There is a challenge in raising awareness of the risk of starting smoking at a young age. The proximity of tobacco leads to the start of smoking, so it is necessary to reduce the opportunities for children to come into contact with it.”