Not only should you work hard but also you have to play hard! (Image via MyPostcard)

Why balancing work and life is important for you?

Working yourself off and partying hard are two things that you need to do when you are an adult. When people say to us to leave our problems at home, this could only mean one thing, never put work and personal life in one tray.

As the millennials are going to take up the majority of the workforce by 2025, why is it important for millennials to be aware of the separation between work and personal life? Here is the main reason why.

The balance of work and personal life is the foundation of a healthy workplace. By separating between work life and personal life, an employee does not have to be burned out by the stress of work and the strong urge to party.

The inability to separate them will result in several health issues. Chronic stress is one of which. Chronic stress results in several mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, and even suicidal thoughts.

Moreover, what if the employee does not get much personal time? It can be dangerous as well. For the employee, personal time keeps them fit. Overtime often results in fatigue and poor performance which, of course, affect the company’s performance. According to Harvard Business Review, about US$190 billion are spent annually by the employee to recover from mental problems and health problems due to overtime.

After knowing that the balance of work and personal life could not only boost your performance but also prevent any worst-case scenario from coming your way, it is safe to say that you need to differentiate between when you should work and when you should have some time for yourselves.

About 50% of more than 10,000 people in the U.S when being asked about the importance of work-life balance said that it is more than important to have some personal time with family members and themselves. However, is it easy? Of course not, and you are not alone struggling to balance both.