Fasting during Ramadhan month (image: freepix)

Tips to Stay Healthy and Fresh during Fasting

Fasting during Ramadhan month with neither ate nor drank anything for more than half a day, for some people can make them feel weak and sleepy all day long. To handle it, there are various tips and tricks you could do, so you can continue your fasting and keep being fresh and healthy.

Below some tips and tricks that can help you stay fresh during Ramadhan month!

1.      1. Create good habits

This fasting month can be used to build a good habit for your lifestyle. Those good habits with the planning and clear target. Such as, reduce sweets drink and mineral water consumption more than usual.

2.      2. Do not breakfasting with heavy meals

Avoid breakfasting with some heavy meal consumptions. Its enough only with mineral water and palm fruit to restore blood sugars levels as well as additional snacks.

3.      3. Set up your meal for balanced nutrition

To get nutrition and gluten meal, spare your plates into six parts. Two parts for carbohydrates, one part for protein, two parts for veggie, and one part for fruit.

4.      4. Enough exercising

Exercising as a form of physical activity, like walk within your house or cleaning your rooms. You can exercising thin low intensity for 30 minutes before breakfasting or 2-3 hours after breakfasting.

5.       5. Do not missed pre-dawn meal (shahoor)

Same as breakfast, a pre-dawn meal also very important to do. When fasting pre-dawn meal will help body fluids level stay awake and provide energy and nutrition that the body needs for activity until breakfasting time.

Pre-dawn meal also prevent you to eat excessive when breakfasting due to too hungry. A healthy pre-dawn meal must have nutrition-balanced and containing carbohydrate complex, high fiber, and high protein foods.