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The new Virus G4: A beware of of swine flu attacks on humans in Indonesia

The World health experts warn of the emergence of viruses named G4 EA H1N1, which is abbreviated G4 and known as swine flu. The reason is that the virus is feared by scientists because it has the potential to become a pandemic as the corona virus that caused the Covid-19. Therefore, G4 viruses are feared to grow and develop on cells in the human respiratory tract.

The Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Health was wary of potential swine flu attacks on humans by continuing surveillance, thereby wary of the possibilities that occurred.

"Our surveillance is still the way to monitor the possibilities regarding it. To detect possible cases in people or officers, workers working on farms (pig farms). That's actually the Ministry of Agriculture (Kementan), "said director of the prevention and control of Vector Diseases and Zoonotik Ministry of Siti Nadia Tarmidas, reported from Antara, Thursday (2/7/2020).

Reports from Chinese scientists mentioned that the strain or new strain of influenza G4 virus is potentially contagious from animal to human (zoonosis). Kemenkes also alert the matter.

Besides conducting surveillance, Nadia said, Kemenkes has tasks and functions informing the possibility of discovery of cases in people who are flu pain in a certain population, for example on workers in pig farms.

"Then by the Puskesmas with the livestock department to do an epidemiological review if in an area there may be," he said.

However, to date, both Kementan and Kemenkes have not found the potential for new swine flu attacks, both in animals and their potential transmission from animals to humans. "We have no reports like that," says Nadia.

Nadia says, the virus is essentially a self limiting desease. That is, people of this disease can heal by itself.

In addition, according to him, swine flu has also been expressed as an ordinary flu by the World Health Organization (WHO). The vaccine in animals has also existed. "The vaccine already exists. So yeah first animal vaccines, because of swine flu, influenza in animals was certainly already there vaccine, "said Nadia.

"Then vaccines in humans, if it is necessary. Actually (for prevention) The standard is the same, washing hands, doing practices for prevention and so on, "he said.

Nadia insists, the key to this case is not a pandemic is surveillance. During the road surveillance, it was not too a problem. "Because until now there has been no case. That is, we see the case on the human age there is no report. But the case on the animals also we do not get reports from Kementan, "Nadia said.

Previously, Directorate General of Livestock and animal Health Kementan explained that the virus of African swine fever or African swine fever (ASF) found in Indonesia is different from the swine flu virus (swine flu).

"Cases of disease in pigs present in Indonesia at this time is ASF and not swine flu," said director general of livestock and animal health Kementan I Ketut Diarmita in Jakarta, Wednesday.

This article has aired in Kompas.com under the title "TheBeware of swine Flu attacks on human beings in Indonesia"

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