Katsushika City Police Box

The man who stabbed a male police box counselor in Katsushika-ku secured.

On the morning of the 30th, at a police box in Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo, a male police box counselor was stabbed with a knife. The police station counselor is conscious, is receiving medical treatment, and the man who stabbed with a knife has been secured, so the Metropolitan Police Department is examining the details.

At around 9:30 am on the 30th, a police officer counselor was stabbed with a knife at the "Minamimizugen police box" at Kameari Police Station in Katsushika-Ku, Tokyo. The police box counselor is conscious and is receiving medical treatment. The police box counselor is around 60s.

According to the investigators, the man who stabbed the police box counselor was secured near the scene. The police box counselor is working part-time because the retired police officer's OB supports the police box work, and handles lost items and accepts consultations from residents.

The Minamimizumoto police box at the site is a police box in a corner of a residential area where apartments and apartments are located 800 meters north of JR Kanamachi station.

In the video shot from the NHK helicopter, police lines were set up around the police box, and multiple investigators gathered. Something like a locker is falling inside. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the incident.

Source: http://shorturl.at/eIOY6