Japan's Justice Minister, Masako Mori, could not accept the statement of the former CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn. (Image via The Straits Times)

The Japanese Government condemns Ghosn's statement in Lebanon

On Thursday, the Japanese government and prosecutors condemned the statement of the ousted Chairman of Nissan Motor Co., Carlos Ghosn, who claimed in a press conference in his home country in Lebanon that Japan has “failed to justify his acts.”

Last week, Ghosn fled from Japan to Lebanon via Turkey. The 2.5-hour press conference in Beirut, Lebanon, Wednesday, marked his first public appearance.

Speaking to the reporters in Tokyo, Japan’s Minister of Justice, Masako Mori, asserted that Ghosn’s illicit departure is unforgivable under any law of any country. It is rare for a Justice Minister in Japan to speak about individual cases.

Due to his statement, Mori added that the Japanese government will never forget the misinformation he was trying to spread regarding the erroneous facts that Japan “failed” to justify Ghosn’s financial misconduct.

Mori stated that if Ghosn feels innocent, then he should have defended himself in the Japanese court fair and square.

Supporting the Justice Minister, the Tokyo prosecutors also fired back at Ghosn saying that he should reflect on his own misconduct; and, his criticism against the Japanese criminal system was “unacceptable.” Previously, Ghosn accused the case as a conspiracy between the Japanese government, prosecutors, and Nissan to overthrow him from his seat.

By fleeing from Japan, Ghosn had disregarded Japanese law and the consequences of his misconduct.

Source: https://bit.ly/2tKNYmU