From the third episode of the drama "Kocchi o muite yo mukai kun" ((c) NTV)

The decision made by "Mukai-kun" Eiji Akachu in "Kocchi o Mukai wo Mukai-kun" was surprising and a "surprising development" (view spoiler).

Based on a manga of the same title by Nemu Yoko, the main character "Mukai-kun" is determined to fall in love for the first time in 10 years, but what awaits him is a series of encounters with wonderful girls and an unforgettable ex-girlfriend from 10 years ago. The story is earnest, yet funny, and heartbreaking because it is clumsy. This is a love story about lost people who still can't give up on love.  Mukai-kun meets Chika (Fujima Souko) for the first time in three years and asks her, "Mukai-san, what do you think about trying to get married with me?" and talks about marriage. Chika had met many men in her search for marriage, and although she had met some good ones, she had never found anyone she could kiss or even think of going beyond that.  

Then one day, Chika invites Mukai-kun to a bridal fair. Having heard about her sister Asami (Sakura Fujiwara), Mukai asks Chika, "Do you have a last name you would like to change after marriage? Chika replied, "I'd rather not change it to my partner's last name. Chika replied, "I would rather welcome a change. I think marriage is about change, so I want to enjoy the change. Chica also commented on having new relatives and a new home, saying, "It's like an adventure and I get excited about it! I'm excited about that, it's like an adventure!  Mukai confessed, "I think it's wonderful that you think like that. Mukai confessed, "I think it's wonderful that you think that way. I thought that if I had that one thing, we could have adventures together in the future. Let's go to the bridal fair. Please let's move forward with what we talked about the other day," he tells her. Chika asks, "Are you sure you want to try to move toward marriage?" Mukai nodded yes.  Mukai and Chika begin their relationship with an eye toward marriage. Viewers commented on this development, "A move that will work! I thought he was going to reject me," "Are you sure? Will it work this time? Are you okay? "Mukai-kun, are you pushing yourself too hard?" The audience was surprised by such comments as "No way" and "Surprising turn of events.