The Color of the Light on the Bridge Signals the Danger of the River

There is a large river called “Kumagawa” runs through Hitoyoshi City, Kumamoto Prefecture. When it rains a lot, the Kuma River sometimes overflows. In the summer of 2020, there was a great deal of damage to the bridge and many people died.

It also can rain a lot at night. The city alerts the danger with the city speaker, but there are times when the people can't hear the sound from speaker because of rain sounds. Therefore, Hitoyoshi City will inform of the danger in a new way. The color of the light that illuminates the bridge changes with the amount of water flowing through the river.

It's usually the color of a light bulb, but when it's dangerous it turns red. At an event or events going on, you can enjoy it in a different color, such as blue.

Source: https://www.nishinippon.co.jp/item/n/919983/