Chinese companies are opening temporary vacancies for the employees whose companies shut down due to the COVID-19. (Image via Real Daily)

The Chinese government open temporary vacancy for COVID-19 patients

The Chinese government is preparing temporary employments for the employees whose company closed down as the effect of the COVID-19’s infection. The temporary employment is available for the workers of the restaurants, hotels, movies, and retails closed down due to the novel coronavirus.

The majority of the still-operational Chinese companies are preparing employments for them to minimalize the effect of the COVID-19 on work sectors. One of which is, one of the biggest e-commerce firm in China. On Wednesday, pledged to open 20,000 temporary vacancies for the positions of warehouse officers, couriers, and drivers. said that the initiative is underway. About 700 employees are taken from 10 non-operational businesses.

Supermarket chain owned by, 7FRESH, also provided similar temporary vacancies for the position of store clerks, packing assistants, and delivery couriers.

A Chinese delivery company, Dada Group, also opened 15,000 temporary vacancies.

On the other hand, a Chinese multinational conglomerate, Alibaba Group, also revealed the “employee-sharing” scheme, where the employees from the non-operational businesses can work for Alibaba. Regarding the number of vacancies provided, Alibaba declined to reveal.

Alibaba only revealed that some employees have joined the temporary initiative.