Illustration: Murder. (Image via cnc3)

Teen in Alabama shot family members to death

A 14-year-old teen shot 5 of his family members at their home in Elkmont, Alabama, at 10.30 pm, Monday (3/9). The casualties were John Sisk (38) the boy's father, Mary Sisk, (35) the boy’s stepmother, his 6-year-old stepbrother, his 5-year-old stepsister, and his 6-month-old stepbrother. The three children who became the victims of the shooting were related.

Early in the morning, the deputies came to the house after receiving a call from the 14-year-old suspect about hearing gunshots from the upper floor of his house. The deputies then found one adult and two children died at the scene, and the other 2 victims were hospitalized due to critical injuries. However, the other two victims passed away eventually.

The 14-year-old teen then confessed that he was the one who shot his family members to death. The boy finally confessed after being questioned and discrepancies were found in his testimony. After committing the heinous crime, the teen threw away the 9 mm handgun which was later found at nearby roadside. The possession of handgun was illegal, either.

The Mayor of Elkmont, Tracy Compton, stated her condolences and grief for the shooting incident. Regarding the motives, the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office could not say anything. The suspect attended Elkmont High School. The authority said that the boy could be charged with adult charges of murder.