What are Gonda (right) and Inui (left)'s impressions of each other? Photo: Takuya Kaneko (Soccer Digest Photo Department) (Soccer Digest Web)

Takashi Inui and Shuichi Gonda of S-Pulse discuss their impressions of each other in an interview! We met in high school.

  The main theme of the first of three videos is how they met and their impressions of each other. The two classmates first met in high school, and although they had been in contact with each other during their time in Japan's national team and overseas, they first became colleagues in the club team last July, when Inui joined Shimizu.    

Gonda says that from his first impression of Inui, "I had the impression that he was a soccer kid who loved soccer and hated to lose," and that he has been impacted anew since becoming a teammate at Shimizu.   He has been a teammate of Gonda's at Shimizu and has made a new impact on him. He loves soccer and is always touching the ball in practice, including running. That shows in his actual play. He is always cheerful and makes the team atmosphere positive. Gonda is basically serious. "Gonda is basically serious, and he is straight-forward in everything, but especially in soccer. He never takes a break. He never takes a day off. That's really great.  

He can say harsh words to those around him. Sometimes he gets a disapproving look, but he always says it clearly. As Gonda said, "We have opposite personalities," and there is no doubt that the different personalities of these two veterans are the backbone of Shimizu S-Pulse.   Compiled by Soccer Digest TV Editorial Department

Source: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/9c59ca3ce35c5aef794eaaeefbc2867b47c7a4cf