While working means responsibility and responsibility means priority, they still need love. (Image via Facts and Details)

Survey: Which one is important for the Japanese men? Work or love?

There are 24 hours in a day, and in Japan, half or even more of these hours are spent behind the desk. For the Japanese, responsibility, especially work, is mandatory; there is no escaping it. However, what about their love life? What if one day, they need to choose?

Therefore, an internet portal, My Navi News, surveyed the Japanese businessmen and salarymen following the “taboo” question: “If you had to choose your loved one or your job, which one would you choose?” So, with the condition explained above most of us would already determine the winner which must have been “Job”, right?

Turned out, the majority of these Japanese male businessmen and salarymen still need the warmth of love. About 60.2 percent of the participants were not shy to say that they need their beloved one.

The reason ranged from affection to being the reason why they do their job.

However, about 18.7 percent of them stated their workaholic nature, choosing their work more than their darlings. The reason also ranged from feeling unaffectionate and being offended by the question. They said that if their wife/girlfriend asked them such a question, they were not being considerate enough. So, why keep them, asked them.

While the majority still need love, it is undeniable that most of them cannot leave their work because they want to spend time with their family. It would be absolute unprofessionalism right there. And, since love partners are more flexible and understanding than bosses or clients, they work hard for their beloved ones.

That is why about 21.1 percent of the percentage said that they did not want to choose as both work life and love life are equally important. Without a job, they cannot support their darlings; without a darling, they have no reason to do their jobs properly.

Therefore, the poll showed that even though the Japanese salarymen or businessmen are bound to their exhausting career, they still want to spend their time personally with their beloved ones. They are the reason why they keep doing their jobs.

So, if you are to choose, which one?

Source: https://bit.ly/2u9j33C