What are the most annoying things for a Japanese working member? Let's find out. (Image via TranslateMedia)

Survey: What are the worst things when working at a Japanese company

While we just approached March, it means that April is just around the corner. April is a significant month in Japan as it signifies the start of the new academic year. It is also the beginning month of the work hunting period for young adults and fresh grads.

Conducted last year, Japanese business media, Just It, surveyed 100 people who had just finished their first year at the company they are working at. The question was “What are the toughest parts of working life?”

1. Big workload
For those who work in the Japanese travel or leisure industry, they stated that it is a busy job. Even, when you just start, there are a lot of things to catch up, and it is impossible to remember them all. They said that the media was to blame for the misrepresentation. Working in the hotel industry is not as glamorous as the media often depicts.

2. Less recess
The second testimony came from printing employees. While they were promised to get two days off per week, they ended up with only one. Even worse, they sometimes have to work overtime, they often miss the train home.

Sometimes, they also have to work on weekends and public holidays. They said to always read the contracts thoroughly as they often get tricky when it comes to paid leave.

3. Working pressure
Did you get warm treatment at first? It is normal. However, as time passed by, the workload adds up. And, it is possible that the warmth turns to cold. The testimony came from a medical accountant that got fed up by how they were asked to do much when they were already at their limits.

Even more, bank employees got reprimanded hard a lot, and sometimes, it happens in front of the customers. It is not rare if they cry.

4. Co-workers
You got to know your co-workers well, and it is good. However, each co-worker has their own way of doing their job, making it hard for you to know which way is the right one. Let alone if you are too shy to communicate.

5. Overtime
It is not a surprise to work overtime when you need to catch the deadline. But, for some Japanese people, known for their responsible nature, surprisingly, they struggled to adapt to the overtime. Sometimes, even overtime is not work-related. Especially, if your company is short-staffed. It happens often that you are required to work extra hours.

Those are the five “annoying things” faced by the Japanese workers in the land. However, not all companies are like that. Some companies are implementing policies to improve the lives of their employees.

Source: https://bit.ly/2vCuguR