Should Japanese women stay at work after delivering their babies? Find it out. (Image via Wall Street Journal)

Survey: Japanese people want mothers to continue working after delivery

It is common for women who have just delivered their children to take days off from work. However, what do the Japanese society think about it? The Japanese government conducted a survey on a total of 5,000 people aged 18 and older, about it and found a shocking result. From the total, almost 53 percent responded.

Given the concept where a woman is a “meek” creature and should be protected at all times, we can all predict the result by a landslide, right? Turned out, we are unexpectedly wrong.

Without a doubt, about 61 percent of the participants claimed that these new mothers still have to do their responsibility at work. The percentage went by 6.8 points compared to the same survey in 2016, making it the highest since the first survey in 1992. Back then, it was around 23.4 in 1992.

The perspective came from the high female employment rates and of course, female empowerment.

So, here is the result:

By genders, almost 64 percent of women agreed that they should continue their work after delivering babies. Meanwhile, around 58 percent of men stated likewise.

About 20 percent said that women should quit their job after delivering, but come back to work once their children have grown up. Another 6.5 percent said that women should pursue their career “UNTIL” they become mothers, while 4.8 percent said that women should stop working “ONCE” they get married. Almost 4 percent said that women should not be employed.

Regarding the idea of “ideal household”, the Japanese public gave the following opinions:

Encouraging female empowerment, almost 60 percent of the Japanese public opposed to the concept where the husband works like a dog while the wife does the chores. Only 35 percent agreed to the conservative concept. But, almost 57 percent said that the responsibility of work and childcare should be equally divided.

It was not the first survey. A survey on a similar topic was conducted last November by Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare where the result was women carry on their career after delivering babies, around 81 percent. From this 81 percent, almost 58 percent were employed full-time.

So, what about in your country? And, what about your opinion? Should women continue working even though they have become mothers?