Stock price drops slightly

The Tokyo stock market on the 8th of April has dropped slightly.

Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price in the morning is 26,820.37 yen, which is 68.20 yen lower than the closing price on the 7th.

Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics fell 5.83 to 1887.07.

The trading volume in the morning was 625.36 million shares.

Market officials said, “The number of new unemployment insurance applications announced in the United States on the 7th was lower than the market expectation, so the stock price rose in the New York market, and in the Tokyo market immediately after the start of the transaction, a buy order was received. However, since Yen has strengthened and the dollar has weakened slightly in the foreign exchange market, there has been a move to sell inter-export stocks such as automobiles to secure profits, resulting in a slight price drop.”