Stock markets in various parts of Asia have also fallen sharply

Stock markets across Asia on the 13th saw a sharp drop in stock prices due to concerns over prolonged US record inflation in the New York market, leading to widespread sell orders and a sharp drop in many markets.

As of 11:30 AM on 13th June of Japan time, the representative stock indexes in each region have fallen sharply by 2.7% in South Korea and 2.5% in Hong Kong compared to the closing price last weekend.

It is also down about 2.2% in Taiwan and 1.2% in Shanghai, China.

This is due to a sharp drop in stock prices in the New York market, with growing concerns over prolonged record inflation as US consumer price index growth exceeded last month of market expectations.

Market officials said, “Sell orders are spreading all over Asia, saying that there are concerns about the simultaneous rise in prices and the slowdown of the economy worldwide.