The online ride-hailing rider (ojol) and Bogor City Police officer showed a peaceful gesture after the Saturday incident. However, a consequence still follows. (Image via Poskota News)

Social media shows its might; police officer apologizes after video goes viral

On Saturday, a video went viral circulating among the Indonesian netizens’ circles. The video showed a police officer shouting at an online ride-hailing rider then the officer kicked and hit the rider at his helmet. After that, the officer coercively told the rider to scram.

The Chief Commissioner and Bogor City Police chief, Hendri Fiuser, stated that sanction awaited the ignorant police. Hendri told that at that time, it was true that the road was being cleared to welcome President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, generally known as “Jokowi”.

Bogor City Police confirmed that the incident happened around 11.00 am. The police could not confirm the exact time of the occurrence since the incident was recorded via social media.

The rider, known by his name Holil (25), retold that he was en route from Padjajaran Road to Otto Iskandar (Otista) Street. When approaching Kujang Monument, a car blocked his vision; so he did not know that the area was being sterilized for VVIP security.

Holil, on the other side, admitted his fault. He stated that he should have paid more attention to the situation on the road. Nonetheless, he was still willing to mediate the officer who treated him improperly. In a mediation between Bogor City Police and online rider (ojol) community, they sought a solution.

What about the police officer? Hendri stated that the worst sanction that could be given was a mutation. Bogor City Police had punished the officer on the same day by mutation from society service to internal service or staff. Hendri said that such an officer was deemed unfit to interact with the people.