Saga Named "Infection originated in Fukuoka" and expressed "Close the main plug"

Saga Prefecture held a meeting of the countermeasures headquarters for the new coronavirus on the morning of the 13th Governor Yoshinori Yamaguchi called it "mostly from Fukuoka" and called for refraining from unnecessary and unurgent traffic to and from Fukuoka Prefecture , while 32 people were confirmed to be infected the day before .

 At the meeting, the spread of infection in the prefecture and each prefecture in Kyushu was first reported. Hiroshi Sakamoto "case (of infection) entrance is a lot of, I think Fukuoka. Dinner and traffic in Fukuoka's any good at recognizing a very difficult situation, that" through Vice Governor was asked. Naoto Okawauchi, director of the Health and Welfare Department, said, "If you close the main plug, the amount of water that comes out will decrease."

 Governor Yamaguchi pointed out that the number of infected people is increasing , especially in Tosu City and Kiyama Town . "Please note that the eastern part is a complicated area with Fukuoka," he said.

 According to the prefecture, the utilization rate of "assumed beds to be secured", which indicates the number of beds planned to be secured at the peak of the epidemic, is 26.7% as of the 12th. In addition, the number of positive confirmations in the week up to the same day was 130, which is a rapid increase of about 2.5 times from the previous week, suggesting the "third wave".

 However, at the meeting, Governor Yamaguchi mentioned Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto, and called for refraining from eating dinner outside the prefecture.

 After the end, Governor Yamaguchi told reporters about the state of emergency regarding Fukuoka Prefecture , "If we do it well, the numbers in Saga Prefecture will go down. We would like to take measures together."