(KOMPAS.com/Galuh Putri Riyanto)

Research: The Push Notification in Indonesia is Only 60% Out of Effectiveness

            In an era that is completely online, push notifications are one of the mainstays of mobile applications to advertise their services.

In Indonesia, the success rate of sending push notifications to mobile applications on Android phones is only 60.34 percent. Meanwhile, nearly 40 percent of the remaining did not reach the target which is none other than Android phone users.

The push notification delivery rate in Indonesia is still below the Philippines, which reached 68.07 percent. However, when compared to Singapore, the success rate of sending push notifications in Indonesia is slightly better. The reason is, the success rate of sending push notifications in Singapore is only 57.55 percent.

According to MoEngage, the push notification deliverability rate will reach more than 80 percent, if a user uses the app in the last 24 hours. In general, the success rate of sending push notifications in the Southeast Asia region is only 42 percent. Meanwhile, as much as 40-70 percent of the remaining push notifications are not sent to Android phone users in Southeast Asia.

According to MoEngage, this is due to strict battery optimization by Chinese mobile phone vendors, thus turning off application activity in the background. The battery optimization seems to have an effect on the accumulation of user activity sessions in the app. In the end, fewer user activity sessions in the app also lead to less successful push notification delivery.

Android phones themselves are reported to be the most widely used phones in Southeast Asia, dominating more than 84 percent of the smartphone market.

Source: https://tekno.kompas.com/read/2022/04/06/14010027/riset-keberhasilan-push-notification-ke-ponsel-android-di-indonesia-hanya-60