Rapid spread of corona infection Yonago Tottori begins "coordination of school attendance" at childcare facilities

In response to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection, Yonago City in Tottori Prefecture will call on parents who use childcare facilities to refrain from attending school children as much as possible from the 28th.

"Adjustment for kindergarten" is aimed at 60 childcare facilities in the city, such as nursery schools and certified childcare centers, in order to reduce the risk of infection and continue childcare by having them refrain from going to the kindergarten.

Of these, at Higashi Nursery School in Yonago City, 10 out of 76 children were absent due to attendance.

At the nursery school, we took measures such as diligent ventilation, regular disinfection of chairs, desks, toys, etc., and dividing the grade into two and playing with water at intervals for each group.

According to Yonago City, seven clusters have occurred in kindergartens and childcare facilities in the city from the 20th of last month to the 27th of this month, so for the time being, we are calling on parents to "adjust their attendance".

Kori Matsubara, director of Higashi Nursery School, said, "There are cases where it is dangerous to wear a mask in the hot weather, so we will consider infection control measures on the spot, and with the cooperation of parents in adjusting the attendance of the kindergarten children.”