Panasonic considers new EV battery plant in Europe Perspective for Tesla

Panasonic begins studying production of storage batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe First, we will conduct market research in collaboration with two Norwegian energy companies to explore the possibility of building a new factory. In Europe, the shift to EVs is expected to progress rapidly due to the tightening of environmental regulations, and we would like to make a breakthrough as a battery supplier.

 Panasonic announced on the 18th that it has formed a partnership with European energy giant Equinor and Hydro, which produces renewable energy and aluminum . The two companies have a wide range of businesses in Europe and are eager to enter the battery business. In collaboration with Panasonic , we will analyze the demand for batteries and the trends of competitors, and summarize the survey results next summer. Based on that, Panasonic will start considering the construction of a new factory.

 European countries have issued restrictions on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles one after another, forcing automakers to shift to EVs. Tesla, the largest EV company in the US, also plans to open a large-scale finished vehicle plant in Germany , aiming to expand its market share in Europe.

 Panasonic positions the battery division as a "core business" that supports the company. In particular, we aim to expand our business in Europe, where there is room for growth. In addition, it has a close relationship with Tesla, such as jointly operating a battery factory in the United States. We are also considering supply to Tesla in Europe.

 " The partnership with the two Norwegian companies has the potential to pave the way for a strong and sustainable battery business, " said Mototsugu Sato .