Illustration: Murder. (Image via cnc3)

Man kills at least 8 children on their first day of class

The first day of class should have been the most memorable day for our kids. However, a grim incident happened in the Middle Kingdom, China. On Monday (2/9), a man attacked eight children on the first day of the semester.

The incident occurred at Chaoyangpo Elementary School, Enshi City, Hubei, Central China. On 2 September, the elementary school just began the new semester after the summer break.

The incident happened early at 8.00 am local time, the time when students were about to attend class. The attacker, a 40-year-old man named Yu, attacked 10 children who were about to enter class to begin the first day of the new semester.

The motive and method of the assault were not clear. Due to the attack, eight children died and two were injured. No detail was given about the casualties nor the injured. The local government provided psychological counseling for the eyewitnesses who were mostly traumatized children.

This was not the first time for the suspect, Yu. Last June, Yu was acquitted after serving his sentence for attempted murder at Hubei Prison.

The case went viral on social media. Enshi City police force released a separate statement on Chinese-owned social media platform, Weibo. However, after a while, the statement was taken down without any explanation. About 120 million people looked up the case through hashtag “school criminal case in Hubei”.

In China, this was not the first assault against children at school. In 2018, three cases appeared when two children were stabbed to death in front of their elementary school in Shanghai in June, an assault in April that killed nine and injured more than a dozen, and assault that severely injured 14 children in Chongqing.