Former CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, was ordered to stay put in Lebanon. (Image via The New York Times)

Lebanon prosecutors ban Ghosn from traveling

On Thursday, Lebanese prosecutors issued a travel ban for former CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, who went fugitive last week. Moreover, Ghosn is required to submit his French passport following notice from Interpol against him. The travel ban came after a two-hour interrogation by Lebanese prosecutors about Ghosn’s financial misconduct in Japan.

Last week, Lebanon received a red notice issued by the Interpol. Red notice means a non-binding request for law enforcement agencies worldwide to immediately locate and arrest a fugitive. Furthermore, Lebanese prosecutors also formally asked Japanese authorities for the files on the charges against Ghosn so they can review the case.

During the two-hour interrogation, the Lebanese businessman was asked even to the most meticulous details, such as his 2008 visit to Israel. Lebanon and Israel are technically at war. The Israel visit might have ended up in one or ten-year of imprisonment. However, since it was 12 years ago, they let it off the hook.

Then, he was banned from traveling out of Lebanon. Regarding the legal procedures, it is still up in the air.

Speaking to the reporters of LBC TV, Ghosn said that he had no problem to submit his passport. Moreover, the Lebanese-Brazilian businessman said that he trusts the Lebanese judicial system more than Japan’s.

On 30 December, Ghosn fled to Lebanon. The Lebanese officials said that Ghosn entered Lebanon on a valid passport. Besides, Lebanon, French, and Japan do not have an extradition treaty. Interpol also did not require Lebanon to arrest Ghosn, making it less likely for Ghosn to be returned to Japan.

Appearing to the public on Wednesday, Ghosn blasted Japan’s criminal system for violating his basic rights. Moreover, he also bashed the allegations against him as “untrue and baseless”. At the conference, he also apologized for his 2008 visit to Israel, also blaming Nissan for sending him there to launch the electric car there.