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Kabuki actor Ennosuke may have tidied up after parents died

Investigative sources say Kabuki actor Ichikawa Ennosuke told police that he and his parents had decided that he would tidy up the scene after the couple committed suicide.

Ennosuke, whose real name is Kinoshi Takahiko, was arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of helping his mother kill herself by giving her sleeping medication.

Ennosuke told investigators that he assisted with his parents' suicides, and was going to follow them by killing himself.

Ennosuke and his parents were found collapsed at their home in Tokyo on May 18. Both parents were confirmed dead. Tokyo police said they may have died of a psychotropic drug overdose on May 17 or the next day.

But when the police searched the family's house, no containers related to the pills were found.

Police believe Ennosuke threw away the pill packaging.

Investigative sources say Ennosuke said in questioning prior to the arrest that he and his parents decided to commit suicide together because of negative coverage in a magazine.

A report on a scandal involving Ennosuke was published on the day they were found collapsed.

Ennosuke also told the police that the three decided that he would clean up after his parents had taken sleeping medication.

The police are investigating the details of his actions.