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Japanese government to launch talks on sexual abuse of children

The Japanese government plans to hold a conference for ministerial officials to study ways to prevent sexual abuse of children in culture, entertainment, sports and other fields.

The move follows allegations of sexual abuse of teenagers by the late founder of major talent agency Johnny & Associates.

Former agency members and others are calling for revisions to the country's child abuse prevention law to include sexual misconduct targeting children by adults with financial clout and social recognition.

Children's Policy Minister Ogura Masanobu is cautious about revising the law, saying it is different in nature from abuse by guardians assumed under the law.

The government says there is a need to look into ways to prevent similar abuses. It plans to set up a conference led by Ogura and hold an inaugural meeting as early as next week. Participants will include officials from the Cabinet Office, the industry ministry, the Cultural Affairs Agency, and others.

Officials are expected to discuss creating a consultation system to make it easier for children to voice their complaints. They will also study drawing up guidelines to prevent sexual abuse in culture, entertainment, sports and other fields where many children are engaged.

The government plans to compile concrete measures soon for implementation.