Japan stages comeback win over Finland in men's Basketball World Cup

Japan has pulled off a come-from-behind victory over Finland in the first round of the men's Basketball World Cup. Japan ranks 36th in the world, with Finland at 24th.

The thirty-two teams in the event are vying for slots in the Paris Olympics.

Japan faced Finland in a Group E game in the southwestern prefecture of Okinawa on Sunday, after losing its first match to Germany.

 Japan took a 22-15 lead in the first quarter. Hiejima Makoto scored nine points in that quarter alone.

But in the next quarter, Finland players leveraged their height and took a 46-36 lead.

Finland extended its lead to 18 points in the third quarter, but Japan gradually narrowed the gap to 10.

In the fourth quarter, Kawamura Yuki made a game-tying shot with less than five minutes left. He went on to score a series of three-pointers.

Japan beat Finland 98-88.

This is Japan's first victory in 17 years in the history of the World Cup. It beat Panama in 2006 in the World Championships, which later became the World Cup.