Wataru Endo of Japan's national soccer team (Sports Nippon Shimbun)

Japan's national team captain, Wataru Endo, reveals the players he is interested in in the national team.

Endo, the captain of Stuttgart's first division club and the new captain of Japan's national team, was asked by the program staff about players he is interested in as captain. He mentioned midfielder Kaoru Mitate (Brighton) and Kubo, saying, "Or Kubo, who has joined the national team at a young age.

 Fortune teller Hitomi Hoshi also commented on Kubo. Kubo," she said, "is he okay on the inside? Kubo-san, on the other hand, is not so good on the inside. He talks passionately forever." Endo said bluntly, "He talks all the time. His co-star, Japan's FWD Toruwo Furuhashi (Celtic), concurred, saying, "He talks all the time.

 Endo said, "He's a player who has been overseas for a long time, so his personality is not very Japanese. He has a personality more suited to foreigners.

Source: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/b95828257a471d2725c5ed242e490da1b91edc7c