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Japan's education ministry drafting guidelines for generative AI use at schools

Japan's education ministry has drafted provisional guidelines on the use of generative AI at schools, proposing limited use of the technology as a starting point.

The ministry started discussions in May with experts about AI use in schools.

People familiar with the draft guidelines say generative AI use involves concerns about the leak of private information and copyright infringement. They say it would be appropriate for schools to start using such technology on a limited scale, while examining its effective use.

Specifically, the technology could be used to augment viewpoints in group learning stages when opinions are being formulated.

Generative AI is also considered appropriate as an English conversation partner.

But the guidelines say children should not be allowed to freely use the technology before they learn its merits and demerits.

Children should also not use AI to submit works or reports as their own accomplishments. Organizers of contests will be urged to provide sufficient instructions based on their application guidance and themes.

The education ministry says it aims to release the draft of the provisional guidelines by early July after taking experts' opinions into account. It says it will revise the draft in accordance with the latest scientific views.

Source: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/news/20230622_32/