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Japan restaurants dropping egg dishes amid shortage

More restaurant chains in Japan are taking egg dishes off their menus as a bird flu outbreak pushes up prices.

Shortages of eggs have begun to widen as a record number of chickens have been culled for the disease this season.

The Gusto casual restaurant chain temporarily stopped serving omelets last week. Coffee-chain operator Komeda said last week it may not be able to offer some dishes including egg salad sandwiches at some outlets.

The hamburger steak restaurant chain Bikkuri-Donkey suspended fried egg and toast and some other items at 60 outlets in late March. It also swapped the boiled egg in its breakfast special to potato salad.

The Yoshinoya beef bowl chain has given up a plan to serve chicken and egg bowls as a limited-time item, and is serving a grilled chicken bowl instead.

Credit research firm Teikoku Databank says at least 28 out of 100 listed restaurant chains in Japan have taken egg dishes off their menus as of April 5.

The number was up by 10 from a month earlier.