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Japan : High Schooler bullying suicide note sent to 3 people

In June 2018, a second-year male student (16 years old) who belonged to the baseball club of a prefectural high school in Kurume City, Fukuoka, committed suicide by leaving a note indicating bullying damage in June 2018. It was revealed in an interview with a person concerned that three boys (already graduated) who were members of the club had been sent documents to the Fukuoka District Prosecution Kurume Branch for alleged violations of the Violence Penal Code. The branch sent three people under house delinquency for violating the law, and the Fukuoka family court Kurume branch decided to start the trial by the 11th.

            Regarding the suicide of boys, a third-party committee of the prefectural board of education has already confirmed a causal relationship with bullying. Two years have passed since the student's death. Truth investigation moves to the judiciary. A boy student was found committing suicide on the evening of June 22, 2018. On the student's mobile phones, the names of the staff members were recorded and notes such as "I've been told every day that I've done my limit" and "I was in pain just because I was alive."

The prefectural board of education started a survey the next month by establishing a third-party committee. According to a report released in March 2019, bullying was centered on six members of the same grade: (1) The boys' pants were dropped several times (2) The mobile phone was hidden several times (3) On the day of suicide, boys and members Due to the trouble that occurred between the two, I removed it from the group of the free communication application "LINE"-and so on were identified as bullying, and the boy student was "impulsively committing suicide" and the cause and effect of bullying Admitted relationship. At the beginning, the Prefectural Police Kurume Station, which was consulted by a family of boys, told the family that it was difficult to make a case with six members as a criminal case

However, after the report of the third party committee admitting the causal relationship with bullying was published, the apology was not shown at the two exchange meetings in which the family of boy students invited members and parents , The boy's father officially submitted a damage report to the police station in October 2019. The department once again listened to the circumstances from multiple members and sent documents to three people who were found to act as a group to put down students' pants, suspected of violence and punishment law violations, and the district inspection branch became a family court branch in January 20 I was sending the delinquent content

Regarding the decision to start the trial by the family court, the father said, "I am not convinced that there are only three referees, but I hope the three will face the facts deeply and deepen their reflection, and spread the understanding to other perpetrators." I made a comment. The senior high school professor said, “Because of the case under dispute, all the target students have graduated and have nothing to do with our school, so we cannot comment.” [Masayoshi Esashi]