Ren Meguro,

Interview with Ren Meguro, who plays the lead role in "My Happy Marriage" for the first time. This interview is brought to you along with beautiful ne

Two lonely souls come together and share warmth. Perhaps the reason people long for marriage is because they want to believe in such a miracle. The movie "My Happy Marriage" (in theaters now) is also a Japanese-style fantasy that deals with the special ability of "heterosexuality," but it is also a pure and innocent love story that will wash your heart with the preciousness of people communicating and bonding with each other.

In this film, two people who met through a political marriage, Kiyoka Kudo, a military commander who is rumored to be ruthless and merciless, and Miyo Saimori, who has been oppressed by her stepmother and half-sister and has never known love, gradually develop a bond with each other. The role of KIYOSUMI KYODO is played by Ren Meguro of Snow Man, who plays the lead role in a movie for the first time. Mika Ninagawa's beautiful new photographs in the current issue of "Theatre Culture Magazine T." (issue 48), which is on sale now, will be presented along with her thoughts on the film. When I read the original story, I thought it was really interesting. The normally calm Ren Meguro begins with a hint of excitement. First of all, the title is great. When people hear the title "My Happy Marriage," they have an image of what kind of story it is. It betrays that image in a good way. When I read the original story for the first time, I had the feeling that it went beyond what I had imagined. The scene in which Seika and Miyo meet, which is also depicted in the film, was particularly gripping. When Miyo marries into the Kudo family, Kiyoka coldly rejects her. In this scene alone, you can tell what kind of person Kiyoka is. I thought that was interesting.

If it were me, I would never behave that way toward someone who has gone to the trouble of marrying me. (laugh) That is why I was interested in the character of Seika. I wanted to read more about her. Meguro's role development began by exploring the feelings of a man completely different from himself, Kudo Seika. Whether it is a fantasy or a life-size everyday drama, my approach to the role is not really different. When I play a role, I always put my feelings first. I read the original story many times and think about Seika's feelings thoroughly. I played the role with the hope of expressing the good qualities of Seika that I sensed in the original story, even if only a little, through my performance. The director is Ayuko Tsukahara, known for her work on "Unnatural," "MIU404," and "Saiai. The encounter with Tsukahara was an important one in Meguro's career. Ms. Tsukahara guides me with very easy-to-understand words. In talking with Ms. Tsukahara, I felt like I had found the direction of the play I wanted to pursue. Even now, what Mr. Tsukahara taught me is the foundation of my play. I learned a great deal from Mr. Tsukahara, from the fine techniques such as eye contact and facial expressions to his attitude toward acting. I learned a lot from Mr. Tsukahara, from his eye contact and facial expression to his attitude toward acting. but it was such a big part of my life that I don't think I would be where I am today if it weren't for this work. The climax of the film includes a spectacular action scene.

The action in "My Happy Marriage" is very realistic and different from anything I have done before. The action in "My Happy Marriage" is very realistic and different from anything I've done before. Even on set, I would put the pattern on just before the shoot. I learn the flow of what I have been taught on the spot and do it immediately. I think the unconventional feel of it is what makes it look so realistic. I want to be able to warp and play with my dog more at home (laughs)." With a string of appearances in high-profile films, Meguro's reputation as an actor continues to grow. His reputation as an actor continues to grow as he appears in a succession of high-profile films. For Meguro, this is a film in which he will have to prove himself. I would be lying if I said I don't feel pressure at all. But I don't think it's a bad thing to think about it too much. In the end, all I can do is work as hard as I can on each job I am given. In that sense, I think that each film is a form of the best I can do at the time. Meguro is not the type of person who talks big. Rather, he is extremely modest and only uses humble words when talking about himself.

But when talking about this film, Meguro repeatedly and enthusiastically said, "I want you to see it. He is now unleashing a work that he is literally proud of. I was able to put everything I have into this film. Although it is a love story, the worldview is magnificent, and there is action, so I want men as well as women to see this film. Lastly, in reference to his unusual abilities, he asked the audience, "Is there anything you wish you had special abilities like this? He looked embarrassed, his eyes widened, and he answered, "I wish I could do something like warp. I wish I could do something like warp. If I could travel at a moment's notice, I could use the time I have to travel for something else. That's what I would do. I'd like to spend that time at home playing with my dog (laughs). Although he is a star at the forefront of the times, he is simple and mild-mannered. She blends in with the atmosphere and smiles quietly like a plant. This unaffectedness may be the condition of a star of 2025. Meguro Ren, 26 years old. This charismatic and kind-hearted person is now making the world go wild.