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IKEA to build affordable homes in UK

UK’s council have agreed to work with an affordable housing developer, IKEA, where people can afford a low-cost properties option in which typically will cost almost 12 times of the local salaries. A company owned by the Swedish retailer and construction firm, BoKlok, has signed up with Worthing council to build housing that can be constructed at a low cost.

The buyers will have money left to live on even after they have paid the housing costs since the firm has set low property prices. It is even said on its website where a single parent can afford to buy a new two-bedroom BoKlok apartment. Over 11,000 homes across Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark has been built and is aiming to break into the UK.

The homes are fitted with an IKEA kitchen. Flooring and wall tiles are included in the price as well. One bedroom apartments about 50 sq meters to three bedroom apartments of 74 sq meters were planned to show by the Worthing council.

Worthing borough council’s executive member, Kevin Jenkins said that it is very tough for local people to get on the housing market, even though they are in full-time work. This plan to build low-cost properties will definitely give all hard-working individuals the chance to but their own home

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jun/26/uk-council-ikea-affordable-housing-worthing-boklok