The world embraces AI in job interview. But, is it effective? (Image via Jawa Pos)

How the world should anticipate AI-powered job interview

Say “goodbye” to the conventional interview! The world is shifting to a more modern job interview with artificial intelligence (AI). In the United States (U.S), some of its major companies already implemented an entry-level selection process using artificial intelligence.

The job interview will be conducted via phone or laptop. While the questions have been arranged in advance by the company, the machine will record the interview.

Using a special algorithm, the interview record will be analyzed based on the word selection, sentence structure, facial expression (in a Skype interview), and tone. The selection is to see whether the applicants possess empathy and strong willpower to learn new things.

Knowing that the AI has reached the work interview field, some universities in the U.S prepare their students to face the AI-powered interview like how to set the camera and speaking in front of a laptop.

While it is effective to differ between cat and dog pictures, AI is seen as less promising to determine one’s potential. In other words, AI is not fully tested whether it can evaluate the applicants in a correct manner.

One of these AI-powered interviewers is from HireVue. Hosting 800 corporate clients, they can choose whether they want to use an AI-powered interview or a regular interview. The interview mainly lasts for 20 – 25 minutes. Then, the corporate client will get the result based on the competencies they are looking for.

The CEO of HireVue, Kevin Parker, revealed that the company conducts approximately one million applicants per three months as the interview is faster, fairer, and more consistent. The company has been using AI for the interview since 2014.