Despite the rise of various coffee stores in Indonesia, Starbucks is not afraid. (Image via Thrillist)

How Starbucks Indonesia prevails amid the coffee rush

As the biggest coffee chain in the world, Starbucks has its own business scheme to keep itself alive amid the fierce domestic competition.

In Indonesia, Starbucks has 440 stores across the archipelago. Notably, Indonesia is one of Starbucks' regular customers. In Asia – Pacific region, Indonesia is only bested by China, Japan, South Korea (S. Korea), and Taiwan.

From 70 countries where Starbucks established its business, Indonesia sits in number 10 regarding the most spending. However, Starbucks Indonesia is not finished yet.

It still formulates programs for long term goals. One of which is by doubling its stores to 880, a number carefully calculated by the Indonesian branch. Therefore, by 2020, Starbucks Indonesia targets to open 60 new stores.

The action was an answer to the emergence of new coffee stores challenging Starbucks’ hegemony in Indonesia.

However, Starbucks Indonesia is not afraid. Instead, the trend shows that coffee has its own charm in Indonesia. Even, Starbucks Indonesia's determination grows stronger, believing that there is potential needs to be searched in Indonesia.

Not only its global reputation but also Starbucks Indonesia is going out of its safe zone by targeting areas such as Glodok. In addition, Starbucks Indonesia also relies on merchandise sales.

Regarding COVID-19's effect, Starbucks Indonesia remains confident that it will remain strong.