Fukushima City's own emergency alert ends Mayor "Don't relax"

Fukushima City in the new coronavirus response to the spread of infection, for "emergency alert" city own seeking, such as going out refrain from nonessential to the citizens, the city is 11 days, announced that it will end the same day. The request for shortened business hours until 10 pm, which the prefecture requested from restaurants in the city, will end in 11 days.

 At the press conference on the 11th, Mayor Hiroshi Kohata continued to call attention to dinner, saying, "Don't relax," although the emergency alert will not be extended. Regarding his own dinner, he expressed his intention to refrain from "I would like to respond cautiously for a while" and told city officials, "First of all, suppressing infection will help stable business (of restaurants). I call on you not to have a drinking party as much as possible. "

 The prefecture announced on the 11th that 28 new people were infected with the new coronavirus . The total number of infected people was 1253. The new infected people are ▽ Iwaki 7 people ▽ Minamisoma 5 people ▽ Fukushima, Aizuwakamatsu 4 people ▽ Kawamata 2 people ▽ Date, Inawashiro, Koriyama, Sugagawa , Nihonmatsu, Tokyo 1 person. In addition, two people died, bringing the total number of deaths to 30.

 The utilization rate of secured beds was 60.8%, 0.4 points lower than the value announced on the 10th (61.2%). The reason is that some of the mild and asymptomatic patients have been moved to an inn.

Source: https://www.asahi.com/articles/ASP1C6QN1P1CUGTB005.html