Miyazawa will participating in musical drama 'Peter-Pan'

Former AKB48 member Miyazawa Sae has returnedafter a year of hiatus

Still remember Miyazawa Sae? Actress and former idol member of a well-known group in Japan, AKB48 and SKE48 recently decided to return from her hiatus. Miyazawa is reported to have joined the Horipro agency on July 1, 2019 ago. For your information, Horipro is the agency that handles colleagues from the Miyazawa, who are also other former AKB48 members namely Tomomi Itano and Tomomi Kasai. The existence of two colleagues from 48 groups would certainly make the Miyazawa more calm.

Previously, in 2018 Sae Miyazawa decided to stop all her activities in the entertainment industry . At that time, her contract with her agency will be completed. This announced by her agency official website. According to the site, after starting its debut as AKB48 personnel in 2006, Miyazawa decided to go home and temporarily stop all activities in entertainment industry. In addition, her fanclub site was also closed. All fans who have paid for membership until after August 2018 will receive a refund. Miyazawa also apologized for this sudden announcement.

During her hiatus period, Miyazawa is reportedly living a life like an ordinary person, like watching a drama. She also pursued Japanese calligraphy.

Thanks to the support of his brother and actor Gishitani Goro, Miyazawa decided to return to the entertainment industry. She will restart her career in the entertainment industry by participating in musical drama 'Peter-Pan'. This show will be held at the Sai-no-Kuni Saitama Arts Theater on July 21.

Source: https://neotokyo2099.com/2019/06/21/miyazawa-sae-signs-with-horipro-reflects-on-the-year-she-took-a-much-needed-break-from-entertainment/