Eiji Akaso (MusicVoice)

Eiji Akaso, on the realism of zombies: "I thought they really existed."

The Netflix series "Alice in Imagine Land" written by Haro Aso, drawn by Kotaro Takada, and serialized in Monthly Sunday GX (Shogakukan), with anime broadcast and distribution starting July 9, will be adapted into a live-action Netflix movie of the same title.  The film is based on a desperate situation in which the city is overrun with zombies, but with the reversal of a positive attitude, "I don't have to go to work anymore! The hero, Akira, is played by Eiji Akaso. Mai Shiraishi plays the role of Shizuka Mikazuki, the heroine of the film. Shuntaro Yanagi plays Kenichiro Ryuzaki, aka Kencho, Akira's best friend. Kazuki Kitamura plays Gonzo Kosugi, a typical power-harassing boss who applies excessive psychological pressure at the black company where Akira works.  

Eiji Akaso described his role as follows: "Akira is a really positive and forward-looking character, but he is living like a zombie in a black company. But he is a character whose world changes 180 degrees when a pandemic strikes!" He introduced his character as "Akira".  When asked about the features of this film, which is both a zombie movie and a comedy, he replied, "The situation is just funny, but they are living their lives as hard as they can, so I didn't try to make them laugh, but played my role with a pure heart.  He also commented on the high quality of the zombies, "They are so realistic. I thought zombies existed (laugh). The director gave us great direction, such as not moving the eyeballs because they are blind, and not touching them when they bump into each other or fall down because they have no will.  

In keeping with the theme of the film, which is about being free from the bonds of everyday life and fulfilling one's desires in a positive manner because of the zombie world, we asked the audience in advance what they wanted to be freed from or what they have been bothered by recently. The participants answered the questions about their "liberating" concerns. Akaso's concern was, "I started working from home with Corona! I want to go to work soon! Akaso replied, "This is easy. Akaso replied, "This is easy. Why don't you make your house like a company? You can buy a desk and chair just like the one at the office and get rid of the bed. Then you don't have to go to the office anymore, your house is your office! The people around him were surprised at his reversed thinking.

Source: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/articles/41cf5631717483cf36c45b3cddd323f957b895a0