GoTo運営に中小から不満 地域ごとの予算枠撤回

Dissatisfaction of the GoTo Travel budget management

Small and medium-sized travel agencies are repelling the notice issued by the government-consigned organization over the tourism promotion policy "Go-To Travel". The request was to keep the "budget limit" for travel estimated by dividing it into 13 regions nationwide, but many companies did not know that there was a limit, and "customers choose where to actually travel." felt the dissatisfaction with it.

The problem was the notification issued by the agency's secretariat in late September. We urged individual travel agencies to adhere to the budget limits allowed for each region, such as "Tohoku" and "Kyushu." This budget limit is decided based on the application of each company, but many companies only apply based on the results of the previous year, etc. "(Breakdown of the area) is a number only for determining the total amount, and the budget There were many vendors who didn't think it was a frame. "