Women make up 32% of FTSE 100 directors but they are less likely to be promoted than men. Photograph: Alamy

Companies are failing to advance women’s boardroom careers

Many female nowadays got recruited by Britain’s biggest companies for their symbolic value. However, they are now failing to advance their boardroom careers as they are less likely to be promoted than men. According to a report from Cranfield University, women make up 32% of FTSE 100 directors which put top companies on track for the government’s target of 33% by 2020. It is also found on the report that female directors keep their jobs for a short period of time and less likely to be promoted than men.

Furthermore, the report said that a question has been raised on whether women were choosing to leave a company earlier than men or being pushed off boards. This question was raised because for more than six years only 16% of women have been non-executive directors and the ranks of female chairs are going down from seven to five.

The proportion of female non-directors in the FTSE 100 is a high record of 38.9%, however, the representation of women among the business was low at 10.9%. Many companies have hired non-executive females as it will take longer for women to progress through the ranks and achieve the board level to hit the government’s target.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/11/uk-firms-accused-hiring-female-directors-for-symbolic-value