Minimalism lifestyle is a trend for the past years. (Image via Pop Sugar)

Can Everyone Live a Minimalism Lifestyle?

Minimalism lifestyle started to become a trend in 2010s. Since then, bloggers and youtubers started to discuss about minimalism lifestyle on their blogs and videos. However, Marie Kondo was actually the person who took the minimalism trend by storm.

So what is a minimalism lifestyle? It’s a lifestyle where you only buy things that you need; from clothes, furniture, to even food. The purpose of minimalism lifestyle is to reduce the waste and stress. It is believed that having less things result in having less stress. You won’t see a pile of unwashed dirty clothes and expired foods inside the fridge, which make it less stressful to be at home.

When Marie Kondo first came to America and talk about minimalism lifestyle, a lot of people would want Marie Kondo to visit their place and help them to throw things they don’t need. Why did Marie Kondo become popular amongst American families? A lot of people in America tend to do a ‘retail therapy’ to reduce their stress. It is an activity where one would buy a lot of things at once because they were stressed and clothes make them happy. The problem is, things will get piled up at home and not all the clothes can be worn. This will make a person become more stressful than they already did.

Now the question is; can everyone live a minimalism lifestyle? It actually depends on one’s income. Although minimalism will help to cut off budget on things they don’t need, for people who have low income—it might be a bit hard. Minimalism lifestyle’s speakers tend to talk about buying quality stuff. However, quality stuff means expensive and it will be hard for low income people to afford it. Overall, minimalism lifestyle has a lot benefits (which will help in financial category), but not everyone can get into it.