Portuguese midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, completed his move to Manchester United, adding the sixth Portuguese player ever in the Red Devil's squad. (Image via Indosport)

Bruno Fernandes, the sixth Portuguese in Man Utd

On Wednesday, the English soccer club, Manchester United, decided to hail the Portuguese playmaker, Bruno Fernandes (25), from Sporting Lisbon for a hefty 68-million-pound sterling. Fernandes will wear the Red Devil jersey for five-and-a-half-year according to the contract.

The 25-year-old midfielder is seen to be the solution for Man Utd’s weak midfield. Having played for Sporting, Fernandes had played 28 matches with 15 goals and 14 assists. Such a statistic results in a high expectation over Fernandes in the Old Trafford.

Fun fact, with the arrival of Bruno Fernandes in the Red Devil’s squad, Portugal has listed six players in the club. Before Fernandes, there are major Portuguese soccer players ever played on the pitch for Man Utd.

One of the most famous Portuguese players was Cristiano Ronaldo. Scouted and bought for 19 million Euro from Sporting Lisbon in August 2003, Ronaldo turned to be one of the most successful Portuguese soccer players ever. Ronaldo helped Man Utd in winning one UCL trophy, three Premier League titles, one FA Cup title, two Community Shield trophies, and one Super Cup trophy.

With the achievement, the market saw a surge in Ronaldo’s transfer fee to 94 million Euro, the price only Real Madrid could pay in 2009.

Besides Ronaldo, Luis Nani became the second Portuguese player to play for Man Utd since July 2007. Nani then contributed 13 trophies for the Red Devil including one UCL (with Ronaldo) and four Premier League titles.

After the golden era of Ronaldo and Nani, the Portuguese players, having come back and forth the pitch for Man Utd, have not made an impact for the club. Bought for 7.4-million-pound sterling, Tiago Manuel Dias Correia (Bebe) was seen as the worst Portuguese player ever played for Man Utd.

Currently, the other two Portuguese players playing for Man Utd are the full-back, Diogo Dalot, since 2018, and goalkeeper, Joel Pereira, since 2017. Being youngsters, Man Utd invested so much in Dalot and Pereira despite being benchwarmers almost all the time.

Source: https://bit.ly/37KVSLR