Brazilian/PSG superstar, Neymar Jr., did his best to satisfy PSG's supporters. (Image via Marca)

Booed for 90 minutes, Neymar saves the day for PSG

The 2018-2019 season had been rough for Brazilian/PSG superstar, Neymar Jr. In March 2018, Neymar did not get to play the remainder of the season after getting a foot bone surgery, looking his teammates lose to Manchester United in UCL. The Brazilian superstar recorded 28 goals in 30 matches.

After not playing four regular-season matches, the 27-year-old Brazilian finally made it on the pitch to fight with Le Parisien at Parc de Princes against Strasbourg on Saturday (14/9).

However, the same joy could not be felt from PSG’s supporters as they began to boo Neymar every time he touched the ball. Furthermore, the ultras had prepared a banner that mocked Neymar’s dad: “Neymar Sr, go sell your son in Vila Mimosa.” Vila Mimosa is a "red" district in Rio de Janeiro, known for its prostitution.

This was understandable since Neymar clearly showed a disappointed attitude because he failed to come back to La Liga due to the transfer break-down between PSG and Barcelona.

Did it make Neymar falter for a moment? His performance said otherwise. For 90 minutes, PSG could not hit anything to Strasbourg net. But, Neymar turned the table for PSG as he produced a marvelous goal by an overhead kick, after receiving a fine cross from French/PSG’s central back, Abdou Diallo. The goal came at the right time at the extension of 90 minutes.

While the goal sent the message that the Brazilian had come back to his fine form, the reactions were mixed. Some of PSG’s supporters cheered him in return, but some still booed him.

He was not bothered by the boos or the cheers of the fans, said the Brazilian. It is a free country. Neymar only pointed out that the ultras should have supported the team more. Also, Neymar vowed to give his performance even better in both home and away matches.

“I do not mind if they cheer me or boo me. They are free to do that. But, they should have focused more on the team, since I am going to play home matches as if it is away from now on,” asserted Neymar to the journalists after the 1-0 victory against Strasbourg.