Enjoyed by many, the rise of beef price surely affects the consumption of the people. (Image via Irish Times)

Beef and chili prices skyrocket

This Monday (23/9), Information Center for Strategic Food Prices (PIHPS) noticed a price surge trend in recent weeks, especially for food commodities. The Center recorded a 4.41% hike of the price of second-grade beef to Rp117.150 per Kilogram, from Rp112.600 noted last week.

The lowest price in Indonesia for beef can be found in Ambon Province for Rp110,000. The most expensive can be found in Maluku Province at Rp127,000. In the Java region, the average beef price ranges from Rp105,000 – Rp117,500.

Not only beef, but PIHPS also recorded a 5.89% hike in chili’s prices throughout the nation, even worse than beef price. The green chili price went up by around Rp3,000 from Rp50,900 to Rp53,950 per Kg.

People in Lombok and Mataram Provinces can still enjoy the green chili at Rp17.500-Rp18.750 per Kg. However, in Tarakan, North Kalimantan, and Gorontalo Provinces, the green chili stands tall at Rp83.150-Rp92.500 per Kg.

There are also other food commodities whose price went up but not as significant as other food commodities such as cooking oil and curly red chili.

Besides these commodities, other commodities saw their price decline this week such as garlic and shallot, big red chili, and sugar.

Source: https://www.cnnindonesia.com/ekonomi/20190923104825-92-432895/harga-daging-sapi-dan-cabe-rawit-melonjak