A Useful Podcasts Channel For Personal Development

Reporting from https://www.apple.com/,  podcast is a program episode available on the Internet. Podcasts are usually original audio or video recordings, but can also be recordings of television broadcasts or radio programs, lectures, shows or other programs.


Podcast is a way to enjoy interesting content from all over the world for free. For podcast publishers, podcasts are a very effective way to reach many listeners. Nowadays, podcast media are everywhere. The types of content offered are also varied, ranging from podcasts for self-development, humor, horror, and many more.


Podcasts in the form of sound allow you to listen wherever and whenever. In addition, some podcast applications also offer download features making it easier for you to access each episode.

Here are a variety of special self-development podcasts for you to listen to.


1. Meaning of Talks
Meaning Talks is part of Creative Meaning, founded by Keenan Pearce and Ernanda Putra. Meaning Talks contains content about careers, art, to self-branding. Often, Meaning Talks invites guest stars who will share their stories with you.

The guide of this podcast is Iyas Lawrence. Some episodes of Meaning Talks are in English, but most are delivered in Indonesian.

You can listen to this podcast through Spotify, Anchor and YouTube.

2. Subjective

The contents of this podcast are exactly the same as the name. Iqbal Hariadi as a podcast guide will present opinions on a variety of issues subjectively, in Indonesian.

Subjective often brings guest stars to talk about things that are happening in millennials, ranging from career development, hobbies, to family development. You can listen to Subjective through Spotify.


3. Thirty Days of Lunch

Thirty Days of Lunch was guided by two Indonesians, namely Ario Pratomo and Fellexandro Ruby. There is a lot of content offered by podcasts for self-development on this one. Starting from setting personal cash flow, career, to lifestyle.

Everything is specially packaged for listeners whose age is between 20-30s.

In each episode, this podcast invites guest stars. Podcasts are recorded according to their names, during or after lunch.

Although the topics tend to be heavy, this podcast is able to carry the topic in light language.


4. Podcasts of TED Talks

You are certainly familiar with TED Talks. Now, TED Talks is not only present in video format, but also in podcasts.

TED itself has several podcast channels, including:

• The TED Interview, which contains interviews between Chris Anderson and influential people in the world

• WorkLife with Adam Grant, podcasts in the form of interviews about career development

• TED en Español, a special TED podcast in Spanish

• TED Talks Daily, containing interesting ideas that are brought up by different guest stars each week

•and others

You can listen to this English-language podcast through various channels, one of which is Spotify and the TED application on Android.


5. Beyond the To-Do List

If you feel you have a lot of responsibilities, almost no free time, feel busy but not productive, then this podcast is the answer.

The content from this English-language podcast is guided by Erik Fisher. This podcast has a theme of strategies that you can take to become a more productive person, both in the professional and personal world.

Podcast for self-development this one you can listen to through Spotify.

Here is a list of 5 podcasts for self-development. Hopefully, by listening to the podcast above, you can develop yourself and become the best version of yourself and enjoy it!

Source: http://shorturl.at/zLUY2