51 Household seasonings such as Ajinomoto salt products and dashi stock to increase in price from October

Ajinomoto, a major food manufacturer, has decided to raise the price of some household seasonings such as salt products and dashi stock from October in response to soaring raw material prices.

According to the announcement, 51 household seasonings, including salt products, dashi stock, and consomme products (a type of clear soup made from richly flavoured stock), will be targeted, and the price will be raised from the delivery on October 1st.

The price increases are about 2% to 5% for salt products, about 5% to 12% for soup stock, and about 5% to 7% for consomme products, and the price increase for the main product "Hon-Dashi" is the highest since 2014.

The main factors for the company are the soaring prices of coal used to make salt from seawater, the prices of raw materials such as soup stock and lactose used for soup stock and consomme, and the rising costs of packaging materials and logistics. However, it is said that it is not possible to absorb the increase in costs only by corporate efforts.