Eruption at Submarine Volcano “Eruption Asane” Meteorological Agency Calling Caution on Ships

Eruption was confirmed around 06.00 PM on March 27th at “Eruption Asane”, a submarine volcano located on the north of Iwo Jima in the Ogasawara Islands. The Japan Meteorological Agency issued an eruption warning in the surrounding sea area late at night on the 27th, saying that an eruption had occurred, calling attention to ships that navigating in the vicinity.

According to the Japan Meteorological Agency, at around 06.00 PM on the 27th, the meteorological satellite "Himawari" observed eruption from “Eruption Asane”.

The eruption rises to about 5500 meters above sea level, and meteorological satellite images show that it is flowing to the northeastern sea.

For this reason, the Japan Meteorological Agency determined that an eruption had occurred and issued an eruption warning in the surrounding sea area after 11:00 PM on March 27th.

The eruption continued, it was confirmed to rise to 7,000 meters above sea level at around 11:30 PM and around 2:20 AM on March 28th.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said that eruptive activity may continue in the future, they also calling for caution against large volcanic stones that scatter in a trajectory on ships that navigating nearby waters, and a phenomenon called “base surge” in which a mixture of volcanic gas and ash spreads at high speed.

 Eruption occurred at submarine volcano "Eruption Asane" (near North Iwo  Jima) detected from satellite -Weathernews - News Directory 3

What is “Eruption Asane”?

“Eruption Asane” is a submarine volcano located on the North of Iwo Jima, and nearby uninhabited island of North Iwo Jima.

According to the records of the Japan Meteorological Agency, the phenomenon of discoloration of seawater has been observed one after another on the “eruption Asane” for the past 40 years, but there is no eruption has been observed.

Around the fifth to twentieth of the Showa years, it was said that the eruption was confirmed by the observation of the fishing boat.