You might encounter one or even all of these "annoying" coworkers in your workplace. Here's how to cope with it. (Image via HubSpot Blog)

4 types of "annoying" coworkers and how to deal with them

When we begin working at a company, it is inevitable that we will face people with various personalities. Both bad and good. More often than not, some people showed all explosive or perfectionistic behavior to avoid feeling inferior.

However, sometimes, they might cross the line. Now, here, we are giving you tips on how to deal with these four types of “annoying” coworker you might or might have encountered at your workplace:

Expect to see them smiling in the morning and greeting you warmly? Well, don’t hope too much. These grumpy coworkers don’t even enjoy their works. Now, we never say that all workers should be best friends. But, it will be kind of hard to interact with this kind of atmosphere.

Of course, we suggest that you may find common grounds. Nothing unites more than a mutual hobby or way of life. However, if they get grumpy beyond reason, try to ask them what is happening. They might be facing hardships. Be a good listener.

We also hope that you won’t take their behavior personally. Nobody likes partnering with grumpy, negative Nancy. But, if the choice doesn’t leave you any other options, well…

“Nobody likes a know-it-all, Penny” was what Sheldon said. And, it is also applicable to the workplace. Nobody likes people acting like they know every single thing. However, the hardest part is, they don’t even know that they are wrong; they keep thinking that rainbow comes from their heads.

So, if you happen to encounter this kind of person, you need to hold back as much as you can. First, be a result-oriented person. It kind of hurts to see your ideas get recognized as theirs but, look, if the result can satisfy you, you can try this approach.

Or, you want to prove them wrong? Make sure that you back your argument with facts. It will be quite embarrassing for them, however; so, make sure you use this approach gently.

This might be the worst category. Without you knowing, they leak everything you have in mind both good and mostly bad to people you wish never told. They slither like a snake and try to disprove your work and tell it on you. So, what should you do?

Well, no other way. You need to befriend them to get away from their radar. Who knows that once they think that you are not an enemy, they will move to other targets.

If they keep being a Pharisee on you, then you need to keep your best behavior and performance. Take them as an “invisible whip” that pushes you further.

Or, you can just avoid this person if all of those don’t work.

The last of the category, but not least, is lazy coworkers. You wish not to be assigned with this kind of partner. But, life gives you a lemon, so you need to take it. Voila, you are there with the sloth. Look, they are not bad people, but sometimes, it is just too oblivious for them to realize that extra hands are needed. What do you need to do then?

Don’t cover for them. If they need to learn responsibility on the spot, let them have it their way. They might slack off or do anything they want, but remember, man up, and don’t cover their behind. Do your part, and if they don’t do their work, it’s not yours to blame.

If you really need a hand from the lazy coworker, don’t use codes. SPIT IT OUT! Or else, they will never know.

There you go. We hope that you will figure out a way or two to cope with their annoying attitude. But remember, annoying coworkers must never make you hate your job.