With its risky yet tempting unstableness, oil investment attracts the brave and the bold. (Image via: Moneycontrol)

3 Ways to Start Oil Investment

Oil is one of the most essential commodities on the global scale. As fossil-based fuel, nowadays, global scientific communities are struggling to find a greener substitution for oil. However, the “black gold” seems to persist. Despite its tricky fluctuation, one day its rate might fall deep, yet the following day, the rate suddenly soars high into the sky. For wise traders and investors, this unstableness has its own way to yield fruits.

Therefore, investing in oil makes a sound choice for every investor to invest their money into. Here, we are giving you 3 types of investments you can make with oil in Indonesia.

One of these investments can be in the form of a filling station or gas station. When people hear about this investment, the first thing that pops out in their heads is that it will take billions to establish one. On the contrary, establishing a gas station can take even less than Rp100 million for starter, even more, you can apply a loan to a bank to ease your way. However, some governments have already set some requirements and regulations for you if you want to build one.

More option, you can join the futures market. However, to join the oil futures market, some stock exchange in some countries don't provide the service. Hence, you need a foreign broker to connect you to the foreign oil market.

The third and easiest option for you is trading crude oil through Contract for Difference (CFD) by a forex broker. Why is it easy? Because there are brokers able to facilitate you for such activity, with the easiest of requirements. They also require only small capital for the starter. Especially, nowadays, there is an online platform for you to trade.

There you go, the 3 most frequent oil investments you can do. However, if you are afraid to trade on your own, you can always pay a broker to invest your money for you, and the profit will be shared between you and your broker in accordance with an agreement. As other investments are, oil investment is quite tricky with its sudden ups and sudden downs. Therefore, we suggest that further observation is required for this investment.

But still, it is an interesting investment indeed.

Source: https://investasi.online/3-cara-investasi-minyak-di-indonesia/